We believe people seeking help for mental illness or substance use disorders should feel empowered and supported – not ashamed or embarrassed.

With a specific focus on integrating behavioral health into primary care, Elevate Healthcare team is creating a forward-thinking approach to providing care to people dealing with mental health issues.

We choose to focus our efforts on:

  • Screening for and detecting mental illness early by working with primary care doctors

  • Treating mental illness in its early stage

  • Educating our communities about mental illness and substance use disorders

We have made it simple for our referring offices:

1. Complete Referral Form 

2. Email to info@elevatehealthcare.us

3. Make a copy for your office and give original to your patient.

Q & A

Does Elevate Healthcare follow up with providers referring?

Yes, we communicate if the patient reschedules, cancel, or no -show.

What if I need to request medical records?

Complete form for medical records request and email to info@elevatehealthcare.us. Please allow up to 10 business days for processing. All medical records subpoena can be addressed to:

Mail: Elevate Healthcare 

Attn: Medical Records Request

5160 Village Creek Drive, Suite 100

Plano, Texas 75093