We believe in the importance of Continuum of Care! 

Why Elevate Healthcare? 

Our program offers the importance of therapy while respecting the value of family.


Mental Health

Children and Adolescents with behavioral or emotional problems often struggle at home, school, or workplace. Problems making friends, succeeding in school and participating in extra-curricular activities can become serious issues for children and teens. 



All client's will check in personal belongings at the front desk upon arrival.  

  • Assessments 

All assessments are virtual with a licensed clinician. 

  • Comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and treatment provided by a licensed psychiatrist.

  • Group Therapy

Our programs are individualized, evidenced base, and approved by the State. Elevate Healthcare makes continuity of care a priority. In the event our client relocates to another service area they have the option to transfer and programming is consistent with: Psychotherapy, Psycho Educational, Process groups, and coping skills.

  • Individual Therapy

Client's meet individually with a licensed clinician during their programming at Elevate Healthcare.

  • Family Therapy

Parents / Guardian meet with licensed clinician to discuss challenges, progress, and treatment of client. Parent / Guardian MUST call to schedule 214-396-0717. 

*Parent / Guardian please schedule your next session with your therapist prior to checking out.

Education Support - Please KEEP your student ENROLLED in school. Upon acceptance of program the front desk will provide an excuse note and immediately take to your school. We have a great partnership with all ISD to make sure students do not get behind and they succeed while in programming. Elevate Healthcare will contact the school counselor and communicate admission, progress, and discharge planning. Parent / Guardian is responsible to pick up and turn in homework each week.

  • After Care

Elevate Healthcare's goal in after care – the time after a client completes our program – is to teach client's and their families how to cope with life with the skills they have learned while in program. While you are in treatment, you learn how to manage symptoms of the disease, build a relapse prevention plan and find community support.


Elevate Healthcare is in network with most insurance plans and will accept insurance plans that will authorize OON Single Case Agreements (SCA). Prior to starting parent/guardian will speak with admissions to review benefits. At the time of your admission, you will be responsible for your plan’s co-pay, deductible, or other charges not covered by your insurance. Payments are upon services rendered.