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Mental Health & Substance Use

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"We Provide Full Wrap Around While Attending Our Program"

WELCOME to Elevate Healthcare, we are honored to serve you!

“Our Mission is to provide accessible and affordable Behavioral Health Education, Early Intervention, Prevention, and Resources. Making Quality Client Care and Service Excellence Our priority.”


What is Behavioral Health?

Behavioral health means mental and emotional well-being. From those struggling with mental illness – such as depression or personality disorder – to those with substance use disorder or other addictive behaviors, treatment is key to taking back control of their lives. 

We are committed to treating the whole person and to promoting wellness in all its forms. Our team of behavioral health professionals and licensed clinicians can help you or your loved one create a new path for life. We’ll be your partner in forming a personalized treatment plan.

At Elevate Healthcare it's not about reaching Census or Re - Admission.

We strive for every client to succeed in our program "Quality over Quantity - Client Focused"!



Ages 5-12 

Ages 13-17 


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Ages 18 - 64 


Elevate Healthcare is licensed by the Texas Department Health & Human Services

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